Upcoming Events


Visiting Speaker: In co-ordination with the UBC Okanagan School of Education, the Department of Economics, Philosophy, and Political Science, the Centre for Constitutional Law is pleased to host Dr. Philip Cook’s presentation on:

“Common Schools for Civic Equals: On the Goods of Common Schooling

Dec. 6 2022. The presentation will take place from 3:00-4:30pm in EME1121. For more information click here:

Past Events


Public Lecture: To mark both the 2022 founding of the Centre for Constitutional Law and Legal Studies and the 40th Anniversary of the creation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Centre hosted its inaugural 2022 public lecture by Justice Suzanne Côté of the Supreme Court of Canada on Sept. 8 2022:

“The Charter at 40: Landmark Cases in Four Decades of Supreme Court Jurisprudence”

Constitutional Workshop: The public lecture was accompanied by the Centre for Constitutional Law’s first Constitutional Workshop on Sept. 8-9 2022.

“Charter Theories: Institutions and Interpretations”

Workshop Participants included:

Justice Suzanne Côté (Supreme Court of Canada)

Mr. Peter Gall (Gall-Legge-Grant-Zwack-LLP)

Justice Grant Huscroft (Ontario Court of Appeal)

Prof. Andrew Irvine (UBC)

Prof. Gerard Kennedy (University of Manitoba)

Mr. Kris Kinsinger (Runnymede Society)

Prof. Hoi Kong (UBC Allard)

Malcolm Lavoie (UofA)

Prof. Blair Major (Thompson Rivers University)

Justice Bradley Miller (Ontario Court of Appeal)

Prof. Dwight Newman (University of Saskatchewan)

Prof. Emmanuelle Richez (Windsor)

Prof. Roger Shiner (UBC)

Prof. Geoffrey Sigalet (UBC)

Prof. Grégoire Webber (Queen’s University)

Mr. Benjamin Woodfinden (McGill University)